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Use WiFi to Wow Your Customers

July 18, 2017

The hospitality industry like Hotels, Restaurants and Malls can use Wi Fi to grow up their business, get positive reviews, keep their visitors cheerful and willing to return. Hotels have various Internet clients that require impermanent Internet get to only for a couple of days or hours. According to a survey people are more attractive to Wi Fi services as compared to other amenities provided by Hotel. Internet is becoming the basic need of Today’s era. It is not difficult to have a Wifi connection but it is very difficult to manage and distribute the internet connection to the visitors.

Benefits of providing free wifi

No doubt Wi Fi is playing a key role for hospitality industry to impress their customers. It is considered that a seamless WiFi experience can be a game changer for your business and give a boost to your reputation on various online hotel booking sites. People prefer the free wifi availability over the other facilities while booking the hotel. In a nutshell we can say that WiFi is more expected by guests than hot water and electricity. If you are providing free wifi to your guests, as a revert you can get better rating and you can improve your reputation on different online hotel booking sites like goibibo, trip advisor etc. This would be very beneficial for your business.

Challenges while providing free wifi to guests

It is too complicated, too exhausting, or simply too technical to improve the WiFi in your hotel. Internet issues are awful both for Guests and hotels. Most of the hotels suffering from the bandwidth issues like a hotel have a broadband connection with data cap of 150 GB per month but the data is consumed with two weeks. On the other hand during the evening hours most of the Guests facing the internet speed issue, this is due to the unmanaged wifi. Cyber security is also a major challenge while sharing Your wifi password with public. It is quite difficult to secure your internet from abusing of internet. To get rid from this you must have a managed Internet so that you can easily manage the users and the bandwidth.

Solutions For Hassle Free WiFi

As we already know that it is very difficult to provide stable internet speed to each guest. You must have a managed system that is capable to give you the significance that you can provide smooth internet services as the guests expect from you. For this, Nebtree is the best option, which includes Bandwidth management, user access, secure and high speed internet.
Nebtree has been designed with safety and security in mind. You not only have the ability to limit access to your Wifi Hotspot but you can also easily setup a basic firewall into your network.

What are you waiting for? Get the Connectify Hotspot today and change the way you access the internet on the road.

Use WiFi to Wow Your Customers

Internet Web Login via NebTree

Nebtree is a diversified Internet management system for delivering reliable, controlled, stable Internet access via user management

Why hospitality business need managed Internet Bandwidth !

With growing demand for wireless internet access by travellers, offering free Wi-Fi connectivity is a culture of hospitality industry.

Meet travelers Demands with Best wifi solution

For the retail and hospitality sectors, the benefits are huge! By providing access to free Wi-Fi, you are giving customers the opportunity to check emails, chat, shop online, or simply browse the internet while going about their business.