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Business Benefits

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Bring more returning customers to your business by offering best Internet management.Offers a customized, flexible platform that enables to quickly and easily modify the bandwidth plans, bandwidth quota, login screens & many more.Our solution can also be deployed quickly, taking only few hours to install rather than several days or weeks.

Experience Wi-Fi

Create great customer experience with Seamless WI-FI

Providing seamless connectivity that guest expect as they get at home. Meeting the needs like browse the web, stream movies, connect with friends on social media and more personal services to improve their overall experience. With Nebtree providing a fast commercial Wi-Fi network, hospitality businesses can have happier customers, deliver new services and drive business growth.

Captive Portal

Customizable Splash or Login page

Provide visitors easy and secure wifi experience across the location. With all those intelligent insights and the customers’ data, Nebtree helps the venue owners to engage customers in a smarter way. The marketing tools available in the our captive portal that provide a comprehensive way to monitor and dynamically promote your business.You can customize your splash (guests landing or login) pages with specific branding and advertising. This feature lets you, drag and drop images and text into position and publish, it’s that simple.

Reputation Management

Be pro-active with your reputation

In business, the only critic worth listening to is your customer. So if they give you great reviews, this often makes a huge impact on your bottom line. Switch on to Nebtree a complete package for managed Internet & its resources to utilize best of them and your business now has to the capability to receive great and positive reviews from your customers through industry leading review sites.

Marketing Asset

Build, Launch and Optimize marketing campaigns on the go

From the moment your Guests connect, they will see your Brand. Create a better Customer Experience and extend your customer service and your business’ personality through your personal Wi-Fi offering. In Nebtree you can use the splash page to ensure your guests accept your terms and conditions to safe-guard your business. And if you wish, you can also capture customer information to add them to your mailing list and run you marketing campaigns seperately.

Multiple Device Login

Single Internet Access for every smart gadget

Multiple device support linked to a single guest registration. Many individuals travel with a laptop, a tablet and a smart phone and will want all to be connected. A single logini access details can be used on multiple devices so they can use & share the data quota.

Track usage

Save Data & Avoid Overcharges

With Nebtree, you never need to worry about the overflow of bandwidth data and pay overcharges. It manages monthly data usage of your network and saves money. This smart management helps you to manage your data that lasts for complete billing cycle, hence resulting in bandwidth availability. Our WiFi Hotspot solution also provides the most detailed information of the bandwidth or data usage like number of connected devices along with real time monitoring that includes their names and IP & Mac addresses, upload/download speed, total amount of data used, etc.

Social WIFI

Lets you do more with social media

Deploying Social Wi-Fi helps any type of business boosting its social visibility and increasing brand awareness.Through Wi-Fi Authentication Splash Page, that includes social login capabilities, users can login in to the Internet using their favourite social channel like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram.

Internet Failover Solution

24/7 Internet availability with 100% uptime

Multiple Internet connections for ensuring 100% Internet up-time for your guests. It includes data loads can be shared between multiple Internet connections to give privileged services. It has ability to connect with three Internet connections simultaneously to protect from fail-over.


Live Stats & Powerful Analytics

From the basic logs to the advanced analytics, we provide comprehensive insight into visitor behavior. You’ll be able to monitor Internet usage, apply limits through Internet plans, or set specific limits to individual users. Also each network user report gives access to comprehensive information quickly. Any kind of report can be analysed & results used to drive appropriate actions

Fully Compliant

Stay relax & fell free

Our solution is fully compliant with TRAI norms(Govt. standards), giving you complete peace of mind and collects all the necessary data that helps in tracking activities & make you ready when government officials knocks your door.

Product Training

No Specialized Training Required

The web UI is exceptionally user-friendly, meaning that administrators will not need to have any specialized training before using our Nebtree setup. Our WiFi hotspot solution not only eliminates the need for specialized training, it also reduces the demands placed on experienced technical staff, resulting in substantially greater efficiency.

Rapid Installation

Set up Your Wi-Fi Hotspot in Minutes

Offers simple, scalable deployment & maintenance over the property Internet. You just need to place Nebtree in between Internet connections from Internet service providers and WiFi network of your property and can enjoy seemless wifi experince with simple plug n play.

24/7 Support Service

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