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Keeping Guests Happy and Coming Back - With Simply Better Wi-Fi

Our soutions is the most economical, yet feature rich Internet Bandwidth Management & Wireless Hotspot solution. It is ideal for hotels, restaurant, hospitals, shopping malls and small-to-medium-sized store owners who want to provide wireless Internet access services.

Ease of Use

Bring Your WiFi Network Into The 21st Century

With Nebtree, you can set and change the configuration to your network with ease. You can change the name of your network, change the password, tweak the usage limits, and much much more.Nicely done responsive web interface with different level of access for users categorised as receptionist/accounts/administrator for performing activities like Internet user creation, Internet plan creation, generating reports etc.

Let guest connect seamlessly, facilitate ease of management for your staff. Our network management setup provides the complete breadth of services and maximize a hospitality network.

  • Clearly defined menus
  • Access data quickly & easily
  • Simplified control over the property Internet
  • Create your own Internet sharing options/ plans

Freedom To customize

Bandwidth Control – Setting the Speed Limit

Our solution will allow you to set bandwidth limits for your guest Wi-Fi network to ensure there is enough bandwidth to go around for everyone. You can set limits for upload, download, monitor each user’s traffic, set time-limits for access or even block individuals if required. And of course, while you set usage limits on your guest network, with your own private Wi-Fi network you can also set upload and download limits or give yourself the open road.

Nebtree acts as a customized Internet management console for your property. The Internet bandwidth can be easily customized so your brand can shine through and provide a unique experience to your guests.

  • Co-Branding of product to promote your own brand/services
  • Integrate with your software/services using API interface
  • Record each kb/mb/gb consumption of your data
  • Monitor proper Insights for every network user

Uninterrupted Internet Access

Round the clock Internet Availability

We follows a philosophy of providing guests with highest level of quality, comfort, and services. As a Internet management solution we offers high-speed, uninterrupted, and secure Internet access utilizing the existing network resources.

Services that have been considered as luxury in the hospitality industry so far have become compulsory. It is our priority for our guests to have fast and uninterrupted Internet connection. Incorporating with failover solution that will protect against potential losses associated with Internet service interruption. Nebtree is there to switch over Internet connection to secondary line automatically during odd hours for maximized customer satisfaction.

  • Fast and Steady Internet service
  • Optimal use of Interner Bandwidth
  • Trusted solution for 24/7 Internet availability
  • Effective USP when compared to competitors

Enhanced Network Management

Two Networks – One for You, One for Guests.

Using Nebtree We will able to set up two separate Wi-Fi networks out of your one Internet connection. Keep one network Private for your office use, set up one Public network for your guests.

You can name each network separately, hide your office private network, leave them open or password protect them with WPA/WPA2 encryption. You can have your Public network log-on through your captive portal while you and your employees log-on seamlessly to your office Private network.With this, the experience of hotspot management is more consolidated, apparent and efficient. A one-stop back office toolbox including oraganised dashboard.

  • Enhanced Accessibility for property owner
  • Easily distribute your Internet network
  • Simply control over office network

Reliable & Dependable WiFi

WiFi That Meets Your Needs

Keep your guests and employees connected with the speed and reliability they need. We'll create a robust, fully managed solution to meet the specific needs of your establishment including reliable WiFi access in common areas and in rooms. Nebtree Managed Internet WiFi ensures your guests can stream, download and browse to their favorite content on the go.

  • Fits to your property Internet operational needs
  • Scalable to suit the size of your property bandwidth
  • While sharing Internet become more productive & profitable

Manage Every Access Scenario

Complete Network Control & Unparalleled Flexibility

With Nebtree you can use advanced policy management solutions, providing IT administrators full control of their networks from a highly responsive console. Employees require flexibility into how they access the wireless network. IT managers can give controlled access for frequent visitors and every department to the network. With different policies, provide different roles and rights for every network access employee.

  • Smoothly define roles to receptionist/accounts/administrator
  • Keep track of your network usage activities
  • Hassle free process for changing policies parameters

Government Compliance

Secure & Legally Compliance

With Nebtree, we ensures that your WiFi network is completely secure as per government guidelines and at the same time your customer have a better experience while accessing your WiFi. Our technology helps improving your customer surfing experience while securing your network.

Our product meet the most complex & critical requirements that are mandatory by the TRAI. Be ready with the logs & data of Internet usage by your guests whenever government department knocks your door.

  • User Logs & data as per government compliant
  • Record each users data with start-up date to end date & time
  • Covers information of SYS logs
  • Makes you more secure and safe while sharing Internet

Perpetual License Policy

Licensing & Maintenance

Perpetual license are used where products life do not expire. One year of standard support and maintenance is included with any new perpetual license purchased. This is for customers who prefer an indefinite license term, backed by renewable annual maintenance contracts.

  • Use product with lifetime validity
  • One year free product support services

Back-up & Recovery

Reduce complexity. Scale for growth

Automated backups on daily basis, to ensure that your data is always safe. Data can be restored in less than 20 minutes on failure.

  • Automated Backup
  • Easily Restored
  • Your data is always backed up
  • All communication with our servers are secure and encrypted.