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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Provide Free WiFi to Customers

April 24, 2017

Walk around a street today and you will see that every business is offering some type of promotion such as a sale, a special offer or discounts for specific groups.
Businesses are competing in a difficult environment as price conscious consumers look for added value.
For smart businesses there is an opportunity to introduce free offerings which could generate significant returns.
In the age of smartphones and tablets free WiFi offers businesses an opportunity to attract and retain new customers.

Here are 5 reasons why your business should provide free WiFi to your customers.

1. Attract New Customers
WiFi allows businesses such as cafes, pubs and restaurants to attract customers which they would not have attracted in the past.
From experience we know that sitting alone in a cafe or bar is an awkward experience and discourages us from sitting alone on a regular basis.
As according to the surveys 53% of people would be happy to sit alone in a cafe if WiFi was available.
Free WiFi access helps people connect with friends online and removes the tigma of sitting alone.

2. Opportunity to Collect Customer Data
WiFi networks require a registration process for new users. This process requires new users to supply basic details in order to create an account,
this includes name, age, contact number and email address. The user has a choice to opt-in and allow the business to use his details.
Businesses with Nebtree have access to the registration details of opt-in accounts created within their premises.
This is valuable marketing data and allows businesses to connect with their customers.
With the data gained from customers you could target them with special offers through email marketing/sms marketing campaigns.

3. Minimal Investment Required
Installing a WiFi Hotspot does not involve the costs that some businesses would imagine.
Nebtree can be installed within 30 minutes & there is no seprate installation process required as it act as like a plug & play device.

4. Meet Your Customer Expectations
Consumers are becoming accustomed/habitual to free WiFi access and this has created a level of expectation for free WiFi availability.
Free WiFi is now available on public and private transport, in malls, libraries, hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs and even in hospitals.
Businesses that do not provide free WiFi need to embrace this trend and allow their customers to stay connected to their online world.
Failure to do so could be damaging to a business.
According to some online surveys & researches 1 in 10 people admitted to leaving a venue because there was no free WiFi access.

5. Helps Differentiate Your Business From Competitors
Price and quality were the traditional means for businesses to differentiate themselves from each other but technology is forcing businesses to rethink this approach.
In the age of smartphones, laptops, tablets & other smart gadgets, providing free WiFi will provide you with a significant advantage over competitors.
As we have outlined above there are groups of people who are selecting venues based on the availability of free WiFi and your business will have an
advantage if your competitors do not provide free WiFi. Once you install WiFi don’t forget to promote it to the foot traffic walking past your business.

Use WiFi to Wow Your Customers

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With growing demand for wireless internet access by travellers, offering free Wi-Fi connectivity is a culture of hospitality industry.

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